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The Thompsons Escape Room in Hamilton, ON

The Thompsons

Nothing is okily dokily about the house next door. After receiving numerous threats, your neighbours decide to go into witness protection as, The Thompsons. The FBI has been watching their home closely, but they are still unable to uncover the culprit.

They fear the “Midnight Bandit” is aware the FBI is involved. The FBI approached you and your family with their plan, where you kindly asked, what can I ding-dong-diddily-do for you? So they asked you to go in, as their favourite neighbourino’s, to investigate, but you only have a one-hour window before causing suspicion.

You will need to look for any evidence that may lead you to the perpetrator that could help the FBI close this case.

Recommended Group Size:
4-6 players (Accommodates 2-10 players)

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