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Clue Escape Room Hamilton


Welcome to Mr. Boddy’s mansion!

Several days ago, Mr. Boddy held what we know to be a very underwhelming party for some esteemed guests, during which he was later found to be dead.

The 6 guests are clearly the only suspects that remain, and the detectives were able to find 6 potential weapons that may have been used for the murder, as well as narrow down the list of rooms the murder has taken place to 9 in Mr. Boddy’s mansion.

As time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to find the killer, so the detectives have opened up the options to top notch groups of friends and family to crack this case open for them.

Each team will be given exactly 1 hour to submit their reports, and lock this murdered up once and for all.

Recommended Group Size:
4-6 players (Accommodates 2-10 players)

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