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One of Hamilton’s best escape rooms has expanded to bring you more of the most creative and innovative new escape games in southern Ontario! KeyMasters Escape Rooms (Greg & Heather) have combined their creative talents to bring escape rooms to Hamilton unlike anything seen before.

As the escape room industry evolves we are dedicated to being at the forefront of the evolution of escape rooms. Our passion for puzzle design, combined with our unique approach to set design has helped us climb to the top of the escape room industry. However, we understand that the single most important attribute to our success is our customers.

We are dedicated to creating a fun and exciting experience for each and every customer that comes through our doors. It’s very important to us that our customers have a memorable experience and our focus is on making our rooms both challenging and fun. We often find ourselves talking with customers about their favourite escape room experiences asking for feedback on how we can make our escape rooms better.

We are very excited to present our newest creations and we look forward to seeing the familiar faces of our regular customers as well as making memories for new customers too.

What Are Escape Rooms


An escape room is a live action adventure game designed to test your wits. A team of players must solve puzzles in a race against the clock to complete your mission. The rooms are often themed and the creative possibilities are endless. Zombie apocalypse, bank robbery, escape from prison or your favourite horror stories are themes you may see when visiting an escape room.

No two escape rooms are alike and each present their own series of challenges. A successful escape will require you to work together as a team to solve puzzles and advance through the game. Puzzles can be created in so many ways, and often you see a wide variety of puzzle styles used in an escape game. Typical puzzles you would see in an escape room involve finding a missing object, using a tool or object in an unusual way, or solving a code with a cipher or pattern recognition.

Some puzzle designers can get very creative and require players to use their sense of smell or require a player to recognize a shape using only their touch. The possibilities are endless! The solution to a puzzle helps you advance through the game, whether you find a combination to a locked cabinet, a secret door to a hidden room, or a reveal a hidden item, solving puzzles will advance you to your next challenge until you reach the end of the game.

Teamwork, communication and creative problem solving skills are a teams best tools to complete the mission before the time runs out.

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