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Teslas Time Machine in Hamilton Ontario

Tesla's Time Machine

Nikola Tesla was a man of the people. His creations were breakthroughs in modern science and he had dreams of providing free energy for everyone. Some say he had even created a machine capable of bending light which distorted time and space allowing for time travel. It wasn’t until many years later that the classified documents from the top secret government operation named “The Philadelphia Experiment” were released through the Freedom of Information Act. Details of Tesla’s work in time travel were made public and you began using that information to create your own time machine.

Your mission is to go back in time to the day Tesla was murdered and retrieve his missing patents before government agents raid his lab. You have one hour to unlock the patents, locate his secret time/space reversal chip and return to present day. The fate of humanity lies in your hands. Good luck.

Recommended Group Size:
4-6 players (Accommodates 2-10 players)


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